11 Magic Kits For Lazy Witches

Throughout the ages, the pursuit of witchcraft was never really known for ease or convenience. First, there was all that foraging for rare herbs and ingredients — eye of newt, hemlock, liver of a blaspheming Jew (that one was used in the witches’ brew recipe for Shakespeare’s Macbeth). Then there was the secrecy: In the past, those who practiced magic lived in the broom closet, afraid of the consequences of being associated with Satan. And of course, there were the witch hunts, usually ending in a trail by fire or water.
Anyway, times have changed. Unlike back in the ancient days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, witches like Willow Rosenberg don’t need to hole up in a musty school library located over a hellmouth or a weird shop called The Magic Box that only monsters and high school kids visit. Now, Urban Outfitters sells sage bundles and spell books. There are apps for identifying herbs and tracking moon phases — for iPhone and Android. Today’s multitasking, information-age witches don’t have time for picking wild agrimony and collecting root bark, or for hiding their favorite tricks of the trade.
Yeah, we called you a lazy witch. Luckily, these enchanting all-in-one spell kits are like the Blue Apron of sorcery. Inside are all the ingredients you need to manifest your wishes, minus the hassle. Ahead, simply unbox and make a little magic.

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