We Interview Maggie Gyllenhaal, Watch Her Awesomely Shut Down Stupid Questions

Ugh. Talking summer with Maggie Gyllenhaal (at the launch for Kate Young's Target collection) was a sad reminder that getting to summer in New York City is slow going. She was exhibiting all the signs of warmer weather: the bare shoulder, an envy-inducing glow, and an effortless, who-cares-if-it's-July, cropped haircut. But it was annoyingly still chilly out. Still, went with it, and we wanted to know more: What does one of Brooklyn's coolest moms do in NYC when the weather gets warm? Here's what we learned.

What are some of your favorite things to wear in the summer?

"Last summer, I just had a baby, so I was wearing a bunch of long flowing dresses the whole time. I bought a bunch of them, and I think I'll probably wear then again this summer. It's really good to have more flow-y, airy things."


Summer's great for having a shorter mane, but do you ever look at girls with longer hair and get envious?

"I do, yeah. Right after I cut my hair — I liked it, but I thought, 'Oh no! Wait, hold on. What about the long, long-hair thing?' But you know what? Whatever. I never ever once, after my first daughter was born, let my hair grow long. I'm always cutting it or doing something new to it."

What music are you really getting into right now?

"I like the new Nick Cave album [ Push The Sky Away] — which I really only started listening to because my husband was listening to it. It's not something I would have sought out, but it's really good. I'm also curious to hear Jim James' solo album [Regions of Light and Sound of God]."

Now, let's pause the Q&A. At this point in the interview, we had planned to ask Maggie about her favorite brunch spots in BK (because she would totally have great recommendations, right?), but a couple of nearby reporters jumped in. Hmph.
Another reporter, having missed the first questions, asked her again about her hair, and Maggie re-answered:

“Serge Normant cuts it. I originally cut it into, like, a bowl-cut for a movie where I played a really wild, super out there musician, and it was right for the movie. When I got home, I had to figure out what to do with it. So I asked Serge to cut it all off. I love it. While I have this fantasy of having mermaid long hair, I wasn't even close to having that when I cut it in the first place."

Then, another reporter pushed the hair topic further, asking whether her family or husband had any problems with her going so short. And, without flinching, Maggie did what we would've done: Shut down such a silly question.
"Um, well, my husband just...I think the way he feels about me really does not have anything to do with my hair. I’m really incredibly grateful for that.” Zing.
In awesome (albeit non-shocking) news, Maggie understandably lacks interest in talking about whether or not her super-short, atypical-of-Hollywood hair is "pleasing' to her husband." (Also understandable: Maggie promptly ended the interview after that last question.) Yet, we were glad to see that Maggie rolled her eyes as much as we did, and our only takeaway was that strong, powerful women are sexy with short, long, or no hair. Well, that, and it might be time to invest in a smaller, less noticeable recorder.

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