5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 26 2012

The queen of dance showed up at WMC during Avicii's set this weekend, asking everyone, "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?" (Which we, along with Huff Po, assume refers to ecstasy.) Along with naming her new album MNDA, we worry if this 54-year-old is experiencing a second (drug-filled) adolescence. (Huffington Post)
A chart for you: Men In Black --> Will Smith --> "Miami" --> Pitbull. So Pitbull = Men In Black, right? (The 305)
Ok, Patrick Schwarzenegger (yes, that Schwarzenegger) partied down in this city this weekend, unsurprisingly. Surprisingly, he's totally hot. (Just Jared)
Here is a great, thoughtful review of two classic electronic acts (Kraftwerk and New Order) who both graced our city during Ultra. (Salty Eggs)
Want to spice up your morning run? How about adding some zombies. (Guardian.co.uk)
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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