Mad Men Music: What Our Fave Characters Would Listen To Today

Here at R29, we’ve got a different type of March Madness — the kind that includes smokes, scotch, and some stellar ‘60s style. Before you get all Judge-y McJudgerson on us, take a breath. We're talking about Mad Men's return this Sunday, people! We’re going absolutely crazy waiting for our favorite Manhattan ad men and women to return to AMC (seriously, it has been so long — how did we even survive all these months?).
Between watching reruns on Netflix and googling Don Draper's mug (big sigh), we got to thinking: What sounds would set the backdrop to the ups and downs of our favorite characters — if the show was set today? So, we racked our brains and came up with a soundtrack worthy of playing between all the extramarital trysts and chain smoking. Enjoy!

Don Draper

The National — "Terrible Love"

If you can get past the stone-cold foxiness, you'll find one of the most complex characters on the telly, in Don Draper. On the exterior, he's a smooth, straight-forward, no-nonsense kind of guy, but we all know there's a lot more lurking inside his mind. We think he'd gravitate towards the manly, melancholy sounds of The National. Can’t you just see Draper playing this while trying to bed a bevy of women? (It's not like he needs mood music or anything).

Roger Sterling

John Mayer — "Who Says"

He always says what he’s thinking, yet at times the man can be surprisingly sentimental. We could see Sterling spinning crooners like Michael Bublé or James Morrison. But personally, we think John Mayer sounds right up Sterling’s alley — cool with a dash of cockiness.

Joan (Holloway) Harris

Florence + The Machine — "Shake It Out"

We heart Joan for her confidence and envy her for her curves (and the beautiful clothes certainly don't hurt, either). Don't you think the feisty office manager would feel empowered listening to the vivid vocals of fellow redhead Florence Welch, as she struts down the halls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?

Peggy Olson

Sharon Van Etten — "Serpents"

Peggy's highly creative and a real go-getter. She’s a self-made woman who knows her biz, and is exhausted by the double standards that plague her at work. So, we think she'd be a modern day beatnik and listen to some intelligent, indie-chick rock. Maybe unwinding to Sharon Van Etten after a hard day at the office?


Betty (Draper) Francis

Lana Dey Rey — "Video Games"

Oh Betty, you beautiful ice queen, you. Sure, your parental skills are lacking, but your dresses are fabulous! Betty's still a suburban housewife, so while her minivan (Audi A3?) playlist might be switching between Adele and Justin Beiber, but there’s something about her cool, calculated personality that makes us think she might need something a little more complex. We can totally imagine her listening to “Video Games” while urging her kids to leave her alone and go play their um, video games.

Pete Campbell

Chris Brown — "Turn Up The Music"

Pete's basically an overgrown frat boy. He'd probably go with whatever is on heavy rotation at his club/lounge of choice. We could see him desperately hitting on college girls at a Skrillex concert, or listening to the likes of Kanye, Odd Future, or even (sorry) Chris Brown.

Photo and Videos: Via AMC/YouTube


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