Mad as Hell! Six Models With the Meanest Mugs Ever

Runway stares have gotten fierce—literally. Sure, it's the clothes we're meant to focus on, but for every million-dollar smile, we're discovering there's a way angrier version worth just as much (even more!), and twice as intimidating. Seems The Cut believes models opt for a mean look because appearing happy somehow seems awkward. Agreed, there's nothing worse than a phony grin. Regardless, we're rather smitten with the rash of angry glares, and have even ranked them from Mildly Annoyed to Downright Murderous.
1. Lara Stone (Anger Index: Murderous)
Her razor-sharp cheekbones and otherworldly stare seem to suggest that some sort of awful death-by-beauty awaits us.
2. Egle Tvirbutaite (Anger Index: Daggers for Eyes)
The Lithuanian beauty always works an ornery grimace with a villainous edge thanks to her asymmetrically arched eyebrows. Mean!
3. Madisyn Ritland (Anger Index: Thoroughly Disgusted)
The Colorado native's light eyes and intense stare brings two words to mind: Crazy and Beautiful. Or maybe Crazy and Vicious. Either/or.
4. Karlie Kloss (Anger Index: How Dare You...)
The St. Louis-native's zombie-like "death stare" has made her one of the most sought-after models in the business.
5. Katie Fogarty (Anger Index: Surly)
Weird coincidence, but the brunette with the infamous frowny pout also hails from St. Louis. Something funky in the pipes or what?
6. Coco Rocha (Anger Index: Mildly Annoyed)
The Canadian redhead couldn't be sweeter in person, but on the catwalk, she's gained a rep for her dark, brooding scowl.

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