Lighten Up! Here’s Your Chance To Win Lytro’s Poppy-Hued Light Field Camera

When a must-capture moment occurs, we ordinarily rely on our handy-dandy smart phones to cherish the moment…and admittedly, also feverishly upload to our Instagrams. But if there’s any camera worth investing in beyond our phone bill, it’s the Lytro Light Field Camera.
Sounds sophisticated, right? That’s because it’s one of the most innovative photo-snappers out there! The rectangular device is the first to capture entire light fields — resulting in 3-D-like photos whose point of focus you can decide upon later, and then keep switching up! Um, no more blurred and grainy portraits? We’re sold!
Want to get behind the lens and have your very own Lytro? We’re going to make one lucky reader snap-happy by giving away one of the Moxie Pink-hued versions of the camera. How's that for a Valentine's Day treat? Fill us in on your hands-down favorite place in S.F. to capture awe-inducing shots in the comments below, and you’ll be well on your way to being the most cutting-edge shutterbug out there!

Photo: Via Lytro