Wait A Second. Since When Is SOAP So Adorable?

So, let's talk soap. It's good and it's clean, but it's not exactly fun. Think about it: When was the last time soap provided you entertainment that was not of the (questionable) slip-and-fall variety? Well, the folks over at Lush want to cure your shower malaise: Next month, the natural-beauty brand is launching Fun Soap, which is basically Play-Doh that makes you clean.
You can scrub with it, drop it into your bath for bubbles, or even mold it into creepy shapes/animals/words to mess with the minds of your roommates or significant other. And in addition to getting in touch with your inner child, you'll be helping some kiddos out as well. Lush has promised a portion of the global sales of Fun Soap to projects that support recreational activities for children.
If you're not won over by the promise of shower shenanigans and philanthropic deeds, let us convince you further with one last (crucial) tidbit: These fragrances are far from eau de Kool-Aid. The brand has perfumed the colored goo with sophisticated scents like vanilla gardenia and lavender chamomile. Plus, since it's designed for kids, the all-natural ingredients won't irritate sensitive skin. Color us impressed!
LUSH FUN soap, $7, available in November at LUSH.

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