What This Hairstylist, Kate Moss, and The Pope Have In Common

Luigi Murenu is used to turning heads — it's his job. Whether he's bringing crimping back with Zac Posen, tending to Madonna's mane, or jetting across the globe for a photo shoot, he's known for envisioning brilliantly inventive hairstyles. Not to lay it on too thick, but the phrase "hairstyling genius" comes to mind whenever we see his creations.
Now, he's teaming up with Kérastase for the launch of the brand's new Couture Styling collection, its first-ever line of styling products. (Murenu helped test, and test, and test the formulas before they roll out to salons this month.) Here, R29 catches up with Murenu to talk hair, inspiration, and what he and Kate Moss have in common with the Pope.

So, Luigi, how did you get started in hair?
"I started in Sardinia when I was 17. Then I went to my military service, and later I finished my [hair] training in Paris. After working at Harrods in London, I came to America. My biggest break was, as everybody knows, Madonna. I got to work with Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel — it was like the biggest time in my life! To get to work with people like that! I knew [what working with them meant] then, but I didn't know at the same time."

Well, you were young. You never know how big something is when you're young.
"No, I never felt that way. But, in this business, you have to have the talent, captivity, and charm to attract the energies around you. It was probably a combination of things that made us appreciate each other."

You are the mind behind so many hair trends. What motivates you? Where do you get your creativity?
"I'm motivated by the fact that I have passion for what I'm doing. If I feel that I don't like something, I won't do it. Passion drives me. I want to find the ways to go for what never feels old, to never feel like something already exists. The past is the past — the present is the best."

When you create a hairstyle, how do you keep it modern?
"It feels fresh to do something that is beautiful but that also has a mistake in it."


I can do the mistake part.

"Yes, but you can learn from it, too, and you can do it right. That's why I love starting with Kérastase. For so many years, women have come to me and asked, 'Where do I start with my hairstyle?' I say, 'I'm sure you're going to wash your hair, so a good shampoo, a good conditioner, is the first step to not making mistakes.' Then Kérastase decided to design a product line, so how can it be more appropriate?"

Speaking of that, the behind-the-scenes video is gorgeous. It was clear you and Kate were having a great time.
"It was really fun because I didn't know it was going to be a video! Kate and I discovered later on, and it actually became a favorite thing that she showed to her family. [That day] was crazy because Kate and I have different schedules. To get to me and to get to Kate — it's like trying to schedule the Pope!"

Photo: Courtesy of Kérastase

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