17 Reasons L.A.'s Wealthiest Dogs Are Winning At Life

Photo: Courtesy of Rich Dogs Of Instagram.
Your dog has a pretty nice life: ample playtime, grain-free kibble, and a generous collection of chew toys. But, did you know it could be so much more? Bully sticks and store-bought treats are veritable chump change for L.A.’s elite canine community. (Spoiler alert: Some of these dogs are way more pampered than us two-legged folk.)

From doggie dermatologists to puppy hair pros, it turns out southern California is the land of Lassie-inspired luxury. In a world filled with chauffeurs, resorts, and made-to-order meals, the local dog park pales in comparison.

If dog is your copilot, you might want to consider upping your ownership game. Not to worry, we’ve made it easy for you. Click through our slideshow for 17 wild, cute, and a touch wacky, ways that Angeleno pups are the most pedigreed pooches around.

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Photo: Courtesy of Paradise Ranch.
A Waterpark
Raging Waters isn’t dog friendly, but Paradise Ranch is. The island-esque Bora Bora Beach Club features thatched-roof cabanas, over-water decks, and even boogie board lessons for your aquatic canine. Dock jumping, a park favorite, is sure to cause a wave of happiness.

Paradise Ranch, 10268 La Tuna Canyon Road (near Lanigan Avenue); 818-768-8708.
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Photo: Courtesy of Petrock Hotel.
Color And Highlights
Are lackluster locks getting your furry lass down? Take her for a makeover at Petrock Hotel’s Spa where she can get a Manic Panic–like dye job. Whether it’s an allover tint, or just a pop of color, it will — literally — brighten her up.

Petrock Hotel and Spa, 17401 Ventura Boulevard (near Encino Avenue); 818-817-9451.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bliss Paws.
Massage Therapy
There’s nothing like a good rubdown to melt the day’s cares away. One session with Bliss Paws and your pup will agree. Choose from a roster of services that includes Swedish massage, myofascial release, aromatherapy, and acupressure. Certified canine massage therapist Susie Thai will come right to your home to lay her healing hands on your lucky pet. Expect increased energy, better posture, muscle relaxation, and improved digestion.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Dog Bakery.
Custom Cakes
You’re not the only one who wants to lick icing off a cake for your birthday. Celebrate another year of having your pup on the planet with a custom cake from The Dog Bakery. Made with all-natural ingredients including applesauce, honey, and flour (a gluten-free option is available, too!), the baked-to-order treats come in three flavors — carob, peanut, and coconut. Steer clear of candles, though.

The Dog Bakery; various locations
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Photo: Courtesy of Animal Dermatology Clinic.
Your dog’s skin can be just as sensitive as your own. Acne’s probably not a problem, but when your pet needs more than a blueberry facial, the doctors at Animal Dermatology Clinic will get to the bottom of it. Treating allergies, hair loss, and all manner of ailments, they’ll transform your pup from itchy and scratchy to glowing and gorgeous.

Animal Dermatology Clinic, 4834 Lincoln Boulevard (near Culver Boulevard); 310-822-3376.
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Photo: Courtesy of Patrice Ryan.
A Pet Psychic
Ever wish your dog had a collar like the pup in Up? Enter Patrice Ryan — she knows what your pet’s thinking and she’s more than happy to share. One of L.A.’s best-known pet psychics, Ryan tunes in to animals’ frequencies, and can tell you just what’s going on behind those puppy eyes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Diana Lundin.
Modern Pet Portraiture
Sure, your pup may be the star of your Instagram feed, but don’t you think she deserves to be captured by the trained eye of a professional? Diana Lundin’s your gal. The photographer will bring out your pooch’s best, and can shoot studio-style with a backdrop and lights, au naturel right in your home, or out in the wild. True Angelenos will opt for the “I Love L.A.” package, which includes location shoots at iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign and LACMA’s Urban Light.
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Photo: Courtesy of Canyon View Ranch.
A Doggie Resort
This Disneyland of dog resorts is tucked into the hills of Topanga Canyon, with five acres of furry fun featuring ramps, tunnels and tubes, a waterfall, and even a bone-shaped pool. It's a vacation with all they ever wanted.

Canyon View Ranch, 1558 Will Geer Road (near Hillside Drive); 310-455-7897.
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Photo: Courtesy of Puppy Love Pet Spa.
Are Lady’s paws looking a little rough around the edges? Book her an appointment at Puppy Love Pet Spa. Their classic pawdicures include everything a human spa session would: a soak, massage, nail trim, and a buff, or choose from their collection of colors. (We hear forest green is going to be big this summer.)

Puppy Love Pet Spa, 1608 Colorado Boulevard (at Townsend Avenue); 323-256-2000.
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Photo: Courtesy of Two Hands Four Paws.
Fun Swims
For dogs that like to get wet ’n’ wild, Two Hands Four Paws’ pool parties are a dream come true. They’ll splish and splash with other four-legged friends, while music plays and owners on deck try to stay dry.

Two Hands Four Paws, 2240 Federal Avenue (near West Olympic Boulevard); 310-475-8555.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kennel Club LAX.
Lodging And Blueberry Facials
Send your dog on a European vacation without ever leaving Los Angeles. The Kennel Club LAX’s luxury lodging includes a Paris-themed cottage, complete with Eiffel Tower–inspired décor. Book a spa treatment for one of their famed blueberry facials — particularly adept at removing those pesky “tear stains” white pups get — and she’ll overlook the fact that you left her in the first place.

Kennel Club LAX, 5325 West 102nd Street (near South Concourse Way); 310-338-9166.
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Photo: Courtesy of Zoom Room.
Doggy Disco
Like a canine version of Studio 54 (minus the nose candy), Zoom Room’s Doggy Disco fulfills the dance floor dreams of every breed. Their indoor facility goes from plain to party with the help of a disco ball, laser lights, and non-stop bangers on their state-of-the-art sound system. Perfect for birthdays, mixers, and, of course, Bark Mitzvahs (their joke, not ours!).

Zoom Room; various locations
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Photo: Courtesy of California Collar Co.
Custom, Handmade Leather Collars
Your dog is never fully dressed without a collar, and if you want her to turn heads, she best be wearing one from California Collar Co. Crafted from latigo leather and featuring solid brass hardware, each one is made to order. A custom version lets you pick the size (from 5/8 inch to 1 1/2 inches) and color (choose from black, mahogany, tobacco, and rosewood); personalized nameplates will ensure her place as the belle of the dog park.

California Collar Co., 10546 Burbank Boulevard (near Cahuenga Boulevard); 818-763-2576.
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Photo: Courtesy of D Pet Hotels.
Deluxe Rooms With Chauffeur Service
Just because you’re going on vacation, doesn’t mean your pet should suffer. Deliver him to his temporary home in the lap of luxury with D Pet Hotel’s chauffeur service. Does Fido like Ferraris? Or would Rover prefer a Rolls-Royce? Take your pick. But, don’t expect him to appreciate your Prius upon your return.

D Pet Hotels
, 1041 Highland Avenue (near Santa Monica Boulevard); 323-464-7387.
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Photo: Courtesy of Beverly Hills Caviar.
Pet-Friendly Caviar
You’ve heard of champagne wishes and caviar dreams? Make those dreams come true for your four-legged friend with Beverly Hills Caviar’s pet-friendly version of the delightful delicacy. And, it’s not just a fancypants novelty—caviar is chockfull of omega-3 fats, which fight inflammation and make your pup’s coat shine.

Beverly Hills Caviar, 6801 Hollywood Boulevard (near North Orange Drive); 877-556-6777.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pussy & Pooch.
A Pawbar And Meat Market
Is your pup tired of eating the same ol’ food from the same boring dog bowl? Take him for a nice meal out at Pussy & Pooch’s Pawbar, a pet café that serves raw meat nuggets and burgers, hearty stews, and meaty bones. For dessert there’s fro yo and bakery treats, and if your canine really needs to relax, order up a bowser beer. Swing by the Meat Market afterward, a bone-a fide grocery store of high-end dog foods and supplements.

Pussy & Pooch; various locations
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Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Mahaney.
A Holistic House Call Vet
If your dog freaks at the mere sight of the local vet office, a visit from holistic house calling doctor Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ, who melds Western analysis (lab work, blood tests) with Eastern-inspired assessment (tongue health, pulse), might be worth the investment. Counting celebs like Jane Lynch, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Amanda Schull as clients, Mahaney assesses pooches’ health in their natural environments, whether it’s a Hollywood Hills bungalow or a multi-million-dollar yacht. Treatments include acupuncture, nutrition, and Chinese herbs.

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