This Is How L.A.'s Most Stylish Dress For Winter

Photo: Courtesy of Krystal Simpson.
On the East Coast, we have a few choice words — and whines — to describe the November-to-March cold. We also admit that low temps have their perks, specifically in the wardrobe department. Chunky knits! Statement coats! Knee-high boots! Meanwhile, in sunny Los Angeles, "winter" is more like a slightly cooler extension of fall — sweater weather is about as seasonally volatile as it gets. But, despite the absence of snow, the laid-back, light layering tricks we're spying in Lala Land are just as copy-worthy.
So, up ahead, we asked four L.A.-based fashion bloggers to share their go-to winter outfits. From boho scarves to chic shades from Sunglass Hut, they're keeping their signature styles in play year-round with the addition of just one or two key pieces to beat the brisker weather (think lightweight trench coats and tall boots sans tights). Click through to see how Krystal Simpson, Courtney Trop, Jill Wallace, and Hallie Swanson transition their style out of seemingly endless days of 80 degrees. And, while most of us may not be able to fully cop their looks just yet, we'll definitely be California-dreamin' about their sartorial cues for the warmer months to come.
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Photo: Courtesy of Krystal Simpson.
Krystal Simpson, What is Reality Anyway?

My personal style: Keith Richards meets Wooderson from Dazed and Confused

"I currently split my time between L.A. and Big Sur, and my Northern California wardrobe allows for more opportunities to layer. I like to feel bundled up — I’m the person that you will rarely catch wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts, even when it’s hot. It stays pretty warm in L.A. year-round, but any slight dip in temperature is an excuse to pile on the layers." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Krystal Simpson.
"I got this scarf from a market stall when I was at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark a few years back. It saved me from the cold and a dust storm, and holds a lot of emotional significance for me — I always have it in my bag. I also wear a lot of classics, like Ray-Ban's Clubmasters, which they've been making since the '80s. Sunglasses can be so transformative." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Courtney Trop.
Courtney Trop, Always Judging

My personal style: Sienna Miller in Factory Girl meets Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

"On the East Coast, you layer to the point where you can’t even see what’s going on underneath that huge coat and scarf. It’s way more fun dressing for winter here, since there’s no need to bundle up. I wear lots of fur with little tanks and denim. The only thing that I dislike is waiting until December to bust out my warmer jackets. I normally begin buying them in September, then stare at them for a good three months before actually breaking them out." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Courtney Trop.
"I wear smaller messenger bags because I’m 5 feet tall — anything larger takes over my body. I also don’t carry much in my day-to-day life, so there’s no need for a large bag. Having bleached hair actually makes neutrals look more edgy, so I wear a lot of black, white, gray, and navy. Almost all of my bags are black and super simple; I never want them to be too fussy." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Jill Wallace.
Jill Wallace, Little Black Boots

My personal style: Cassandra from Wayne's World meets Cruella de Vil

"It's a bit crazy, but there are many days when shorts, tank tops, and blasting the A/C are totally appropriate. However, I do get the opportunity to bust out my collection of highly neglected coats on occasion. In the winter, I make slight tweaks to my style. Evenings definitely require outerwear. This outfit represents my everyday style — boho meets downtown, and somewhere between causal and done up." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Jill Wallace.
"I'm a sucker for black shades, as well as the slight cat-eye. You can never go wrong with a classic. I also love anything and everything with a Southwestern vibe, especially turquoise, which never fails to accent an outfit." Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Hallie Swanson.
Hallie Swanson, Hallie Daily

My personal style: Holly Golightly meets Carrie Bradshaw

"We L.A. people are blessed to live in really good weather all year long. A lot of the time when I style a leather jacket on the blog, I am baking in 100-degree weather!" Advertisement
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Photo: Courtesy of Hallie Swanson.
"In Chinese culture, we believe wearing red during the holidays will bring good luck for the future. I've been waiting almost a whole year to wear these red satin heels." Advertisement

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