Watch: Congress Takes On "Call Me Maybe" — Well, Sorta

Being a summer intern in D.C. can be tough, especially when even the teensiest mistake can make you the butt of office (or worse, Capitol Hill) jokes for weeks. But luckily, some bosses know when their interns just need to cut loose and have a little fun. Case in point: Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who pitched in to help her interns with their summer project — a.k.a., a "Call Me Maybe" cover.
They're spoofing the Harvard baseball team's cover, with its signature robot moves and top-notch lip-synching. And while it's not the best quality, and we only get a minute of Sanchez's questionable (but lovable) dance moves, it's a good way to lighten up the workday. And, lets be real: It's yet another excuse to listen to "Call Me Maybe." You're welcome. (Reliable Source)

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