Can You Really Find Love From A Flier?

Navigating the modern dating scene is hardly a
breeze. New sites and apps flood the market faster than you can swipe right.
So, it’s understandable why one San Francisco local is choosing to look for love the analog way.

The 26-year-old woman — who chooses to remain anonymous — first started posting her fliers around the city last fall. Each describes something that she's looking for in a partner ("someone who isn't scared to call," "someone who will let me eat the last Cheez-It"), a link to her website, and her phone number. As one would guess, she fielded calls and messages from tons of curious people, which allowed her personal search for The One to become an investigative project about modern romance.

"It's about what we're all looking for,
in love or in life," she tells us. "So, every time someone reached out by phone call or text, or
would ask me questions, I would engage with them and ask what they were looking

She then commissioned a 52-foot mural by friend and graphic designer Matt Wyne in S.F.'s NoPa neighborhood that was inspired by the fliers she posted around town. While working on the mural, Wyne would stop people and ask them their thoughts on her unorthodox approach. 

The responses varied — some people were puzzled, while others
applauded her efforts. "The answers from the viewers give me
hope that we're still a city of dreamers who are willing to be vulnerable and
open with each other," she says. 

But, of course, everyone's burning
question is, has she found love? Not so much. "I learned that looking can be tiring," she says. "And, that maybe it'll come when I'm not looking. But, for now, my eyes and heart
are still wide open." 

Time to delete your Tinder app? We'll let you decide. Catch the inspiring video above.

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