A Long-Distance Relationship Might Be Better For You — & Your Sex Life

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Let's get the obvious platitude out of the way — yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. We're saying that not just to make our mom happy, but because science actually backs it up. Our friends at Shape have compiled a list of findings on how being away from your S.O. can actually work to your relationship's advantage. Related: 4 Ways To Confront Common Relationship Roadblocks To begin on a totally selfish note, LDRs actually cause less anxiety than regular relationships, according to a 2013 study in the Journal of Communication. When you aren't constantly around your partner, you have less time to notice the tiny things that might irk you, leading to way less stress. This supports the finding that people actually share more with their partner when they live away from each other — the less anxious you are, the more open you probably are, as well. Related: 5 Relationship Tips From Divorce Experts

Shape also chatted with couples therapist Matt Lundquist, who explains that having time to yourself might make your sex life hotter, while letting you focus on your personal development. In an LDR, you get space to explore the cool things in your life (friends, hobbies, work) that have nothing to do with your partner. He also speaks highly of both masturbation and Skype or phone sex as ways to get to know your S.O. in new, intimate ways. Not to mention that masturbation is never not good for you.

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