10 London Supper Clubs That’ll Blow You Away

I'm told to look for a yellow door, but I see the doorman first. He's big, beefy, and wearing a tux. After checking my name against his list, he invites me inside, where a second man confirms my booking. He introduces himself as "one of the flatmates," hands me a Lego, and tells me to exchange it for a drink.
Seconds later, I'm greeted by another flatmate, Ed, and guided to the bar, where I swap my Lego for a glass of the refreshingly boozy house punch. By the time my friend arrives a couple of minutes later, I'm on a first-name basis with the flatmates, one of whom explains that the reason The Lion King is playing on a projector screen behind me is because "we knew it was your favourite film." It's not, but a little Simba goes a long way.
After mingling with other guests and taking selfies amidst the dining room's kitschy bric-a-brac, we're instructed to take a seat. We're sitting at one of three tables in the room, surrounded by two couples, a Frenchman, and two young British women. We're all first-timers, but we know what to do: When platters of cheesy cornbread and duck tostados emerge, we dig in and heap servings on to each other's plates like old friends. A bottle of red is ordered and by the time the tables are put away to create more room for a party space, we've made new friends. We've also enjoyed cocktails that come with toasted marshmallows and actual cigarettes, tried on goofy hats, and wondered out loud if the "flatmates" actually live here.
The Little Yellow Door, a supper club reimagined as a house party with friends, is just one of several supper clubs luring Londoners away from their M&S meal deals and Pronto deliveries. The food is incredible, yes, but it's the feeling of exclusivity, experiential dining, and good company that makes supper clubs feel so special and, dare we say, intimate. For a fraction of the price of dinner at the Shard, you can dine like a king in a clock tower or abandoned Tube carriage, or bond with strangers over duck ragu and game terrine made just for you.
Feeling tempted? Consider these 10 supper clubs to spice up your dining life. Because, let's face it — your actual friends think a dinner party means picking up some crisps along with the beer.

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