Local Sunglasses Line Gets A Rad Online Store

We love sunglasses, local designers, anything under $100, and easy access to accessories, so when we found out that Freeway Eyewear—our favorite affordable sunglasses from local L.A. artist and designer Alex Israel—was finally opening an online webstore, we were over the moon, errr, sun. We used to only be able to score our fave sunnies at Maxfield in L.A. or Barney's New York, but now with just a few clicks you can score a pair of 405s, 10s, or L.A. Rays. While there, poke around the blog, which features some of Alex's inspiration and friends like Lindsey Wixon and Jessica Joffee wearing his amazing sunnies. It's the ultimate online destination for the shade loving stars in your life, and at around $100 per pair, why not pick up a few holiday gifts while you're there?

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