Living Proof Promises (And Delivers!) On Restoring Virgin Hair

Much of our beauty routine involves scouring websites, magazines, and drug-store counters for our "dream" products. Like a crash diet, brands promise results, but the outcome is rarely what you expect. This might not be the case with scientific wonder brand, Living Proof . A venture between MIT scientists and investors, this brand's proof is in the pudding. The newest and third collection to take center stage at The Living Proof labs is their restorative shampoo, conditioner, and hair-mask ensemble, Restore, which claims to return your hair to its virgin, pre-fiddled-with state. Living Proof credits porosity (open pores) in the hair to the loss of moisture. Wen your locks are porous, they can't soak in moisture, causing dry, depressing locks. Makes sense, right? To remedy this, Living Proof uses their patented moisture-controlling molecule, polyfluoroester, along with other natural and super-safe ingredients to breathe the life back into your lovely locks. We've tried the product ourselves, and are thrilled with our new, middle-school-era hair—will you give it a go?
Living Proof Restore Shampoo, $28, Conditioner, $28, Hair Mask, $42, available at Sephora.
Photo: via Sephora

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