Summer Reading List: 4 Excellent Books You Need To Skim, At The Very Least

The best parts of summer are those unbeatable days when you can lounge outside, hit the beach, and start your vacation with the perfect accessory — a good book. But, with so many tomes at your fingertips (thank you, iBooks), do you find yourself just a bit unsure of where to start?
Well, summer is supposed to be anything but stressful, so quit worrying about picking out the right reading material. We've got you covered with page-turning recs to suit every taste and personality. Whether you want to laugh out loud or get involved in a juicy drama, one of these books should be right up your alley.
So, without further ado, here are the four buzzy books that everyone will be talking about in June, July, and even August (hey, some of us are slower readers than others!).
I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me
Joan Rivers is the only person in the world who can write a book about everything she hates and put herself first on the list. Let’s be real, this is the woman who made self-loathing stylish (watch Fashion Police for a millisecond and you’ll know why) and for that, a sharp tongue is a must-have accessory. In a new book that’s part stand-up comedy, part memoir, Rivers hates on everything and everyone that she’s ever found annoying. We’re talking everything from hysterical childhood anecdotes to tales of why she can’t stand reading obituaries and complaints about those pesky younger comedians that love to steal her jokes.
"Joan Rivers: I Hate Everyone . . . Starting With Me," $15.97, available at Amazon.
The Red House
The enigma of the family dynamic is told in a comical, compelling, and relatable narrative, in the new novel from the beloved British author of The Curious Incident Of the Dog in the Night-Time. The story begins when Richard invites his estranged sister along with her husband and three children to join him, his new wife, and stepdaughter at their vacation home for a week. The resentment, secrets, fears, and desires that surface bubble up from the point of view of each of the eight characters in turn — and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll recognize a little bit of yourself and your own family in each of them.
"The Red House," $38.25, available at Walmart.
The Receptionist: An Education at The New Yorker
Shortly before Helen Gurley Brown — and decades before Carrie Bradshaw — made the glossy world of magazines a place for women to shine, there was Janet Groth. As an aspiring writer, she became the receptionist at The New Yorker in 1957 after she charmed E.B. White during her interview. For two decades, Groth never advanced from the receptionist’s chair, but she knew every last secret, scandal, and conquest of everyone in the office. She’s never revealed them, until now. But juicy gossip aside (although, that part is certainly fun, too), this is really a memoir about finding her true self in a paralyzing environment and finally learning to shine the spotlight on her own life.
"The Receptionist: An Education at The New Yorker," $21.95, available at Barnes & Noble.
Between You and Me
The ladies behind The Nanny Diaries have made a career out of peeling back the curtain and letting the world in on the secrets of the elite and famous. Their latest work merges celebrity and family into one jaw-dropping read inspired by the life — and unraveling — of Britney Spears. In this story, 27-year-old Logan Wade reunites with her ultra-famous first cousin Kelsey, when she takes on a job as her assistant. She soon finds herself watching in shock as Kelsey publically self-destructs, except that it all starts to feel a lot less shocking once Logan realizes that it's the secrets of their broken childhood that set her cousin down this road, a very long time ago. Sound familiar?
"Between You and Me," $16.50, available at Amazon.

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