Are We Crazy? New Yorkers Go Nuts When They Live Alone

Single and living by yourself in the city? You're not alone, at least in theory. Nearly half of Manhattanites (compared to 1 in 4 for the rest of the country) live alone. But as it turns out, aside from the obvious lower rent, there are more reasons than you might think to get a roommate (and no, cats don't count!).
For one, living alone can make you behave insanely. If you talk to yourself or your cat (in French or English or maybe even baby talk) regularly, leave underwear in the kitchen, eat cereal for every meal, and never close the bathroom door, forever traumatized by that shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho, then chances (according to the NYTimes, anyway) that you are developing psycho tendencies yourself. Wait, what?
But seriously, while all of this is funny, we'd hardly call all the weird things we do alone in our apartments crazy. Eccentric, maybe. In a city full of countless anonymous souls, is living alone more isolating than it is beneficial? We all know living alone sounds awesome (roommate horror stories begone!), but even the deepest introverts need a companion, especially through these long, winter months.
Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you're living all by your lonesome, what are some funny quirks you've developed (we won't tell...)? (Gawker)
Photo: Via Gawker

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