5 Things To Know This AM — May 24 2012

Topping our list of the coolest ways to use makeup, this Dazed & Confused editorial looks more like a painting than anything else. Check out all the mind-blowing pics that trick the eye. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Guess who helped design these cute new summer slip-ons from TOMS. Hint: It's the same guy who helped Katniss kick some Hunger Games butt. (Fashionista)
If you look at the Louis Vuitton logo for too long, you may start to see spots. Just kidding, those spots are supposed to be there. Jump ahead for all the deets on the iconic brand's newest collaboration with artist Yayoi Kusama. (WWD)
Goodness gracious! Ed Young is not just a man of the cloth, he's a man with a lot of respect for clothing. Would you read this pastor's style blog, um, religiously? (Styleite)
These bamboo Gucci frames are actually biodegradable. Don't worry, we're sure it probably takes a few hundred years, at least, to complete the process — leaving you with plenty of quality wearing time. (Ecouterre)
Photo: Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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