5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 19 2012

In the mass of "daily deal" e-commerce sites, it's hard to tell one supposedly sweet score from another. But a new iteration, Luxup, stands out from the crowd with its unique "Brand Pass" feature, allowing customers to claim discounts in store and, thus, actually try on their impulse buys. (Style.com)
One would assume an R.E.M music video directed by James Franco and starring Lindsay Lohan would be amazing, naturally. Sometimes, things just aren't what they seem (though you should decide for yourself). (Buzzfeed)
Zara took the high-fashion route for its December collection, tapping industry darling Kasia Struss to model. All those cozy knits, perfectly tailored coats, and trendy staples won't sell themselves (or will they?). Fashion Gone Rogue)
Ever heard of symbolic annihilation? No, it's not a term from your little brother's favorite video game. It's academic jargon for the underrepresentation of certain groups, in this case, women over 40, in popular culture. And it's a problem. (Jezebel)
Grace Coddington's i-D magazine's cover warms our hearts in so many ways! It's been a while since fashion and media's silent hero quit the modeling biz, but if you ask us, she should really step out in front of the camera more often. (FashionIndie)
Image via Style.com

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