Liam Gallagher Hates Skinny Shit, Death Threats Plague Jensen, and Karl Plays With Dolls

karl-lagerfeld-kenKarl Lagerfeld owns a brillant, bespoke "Ken Doll" version of himself. We imagine it pouting plastically as it scans Baribie's closet with a certain look of disgust. (Racked)
Warm up your TiVos: Refinery fave Mary-Kate Steinmiller of Teen Vogue will be sharing screentime with Bar and Iman on Saturday's House of Style premiere. (Nitrolicious)
More on Liam Gallagher's upcoming clothing line: In this gem of a video, the sideburned singer protests skinny jeans and pointy shoes. "I'm not into the skinny look—these skinny things. That's what I'm here for—to fucking get rid of that shit." And the revolution begins. (The Cut)
The best part about wearing sunglasses to an official visit to the White House? No one can tell you're stoned. (HuffPo)
Peter Jensen receives death threats from the people of Greenland for his fall '09 collection. And we thought PETA took protesting to the next level. (Vogue UK)
Lady GaGa—we admit we've become dangerously obsessed by her—takes time out from ripping off Maison Margiela to ripoff Hussien Chalayan. (The Moment)

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