Weird News Of The Day: Scientists Say You Look Hotter From The Left

Trying to figure out which side is your best side for your next big photo op? Trust, it's from the left. A study out of Wake Forest University asked 37 male and female college students to rate how "pleasant" they found mirrored images of faces — and they found that people showed a strong preference for left-cheek images. They also examined pupil dilation, which occurs when the eye is looking at an interesting image, and discovered that pupils swelled when viewing the left side of a face and shrank when they looked at the right.
According to the researchers, the love of the left side is probably due to the fact that the left cheeks usually display "a greater intensity of emotion," as that side of the face is controlled by the right side of the brain, which controls feelings. We're impressed: They got all that from one cheek? Our left one is blushing. (Gawker)

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