7 Need-To-Know Skin Care Ingredients From Latin America

Recently, we’ve noticed a Latin trend of sorts (no, not the Ricky Martin- and Shakira-fueled "Latin Explosion" of the late '90s). Instead, we're noticing a growing number of skin beautifiers that contain active ingredients with roots in Latin America.
You might already know how jojoba, a shrub native to Mexico, helps dry skin, but that's only the beginning. For instance, coastal areas of the Caribbean are home to red mangroves, which thrive despite being hammered by the sun and surrounded by salt water. “The Caribbean is a harsh environment for many plant species," explains Miami dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia. "After bearing salt, sea and sun conditions over hundreds of years, the plant develops the antioxidant profile needed to survive.” What's good for these plants can be good for your skin — and that goes for plenty of ingredients from Latin America.
Since we’re always up for a beauty adventure, let’s head south to Patagonia for Undaria algae, through the depths of the Amazonian rainforest for camu camu, and back through Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil to check out the indigenous plants and trees that pack a punch in our skin care favorites.
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Image via RMS Beauty

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