Lady Gaga Was Not The First Person Named Lady Gaga

In potential college thesis material, Slate has examined the genesis of pop icon Lady Gaga's name and discovered that—wait for it— the artist formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is definitely not the first person to be named "Lady Gaga." While we've all heard the story of how Stef's stage name came to be (an autotext correction from her former manager, Rob Fusari's suggestion of the Queen hit "Radio Gaga"), we're wondering how the singer feels about the fact that she's assumed an alias that's got thousands of years of history. There was a Babylonian slave owner in the sixth century B.C. also née Gaga, a Madame de Gaga from early 20th century France, and a fictional Gaga, a "blue-blooded party-girl with a slangy vocabulary...and a lust for publicity," who surfaced in 1929 issue of the humor magazine Punch. Who wants to bet that the Babylonian Gagaloo also wore dresses made of meat...?

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