Ladys & Gents: The New Baby-Style Blog From Jenni Kayne And Estee Stanley

Oh, so you thought that Menswear Dog was the cutest fashion Tumblr you'd see all week, did you? Pfft. That was Monday, people. Today is Wednesday. Move on.
Right now, it's all about Ladys & Gents, the baby blog created by Refinery29-approved designer Jenni Kayne and her pal, superstylist Estee Stanley. Like Menswear Dog, it features photo subjects clad in fully credited clothes from a range of impressive brands: Gap jackets, TenOverSix bibs, Carven for Petite Bateau dresses, and Stella McCartney pants. But unlike Menswear Dog, Ladys & Gents features babies and toddlers (often, Stanley and Kayne's own). Sorry, animal lovers, but babies and toddlers trump dogs every time (particularly when they're wearing Isabel Marant*).
Best part is, you can submit a fashionable pic of the little style savant in your life to the site. Oh, and remember, just like dressing for grownups, good style isn't about price tags or what you wear, but how adorably you wear it. Just look at that face. We could eat you up you're so cute. (Ladys & Gents)
*This is the opinion of the writer and is not necessarily endorsed by all of Refinery29.
Photo: Courtesy of Ladys & Gents