The Studs Of Sound: The L.A. Hotties Heating Up Your Stereos

Nothing's quite as dreamy as a dude in a band. Whether you're the type to fall for Jagger or a Jonas, there's no denying that musicians have a tendency to melt hearts. Maybe it's the way the stage lights hit them, or maybe it's our self-serving desire to have a song dedicated to us, but we never leave a show without swooning over a lead singer, going gaga for a guitarist, or end up digging the drummer.
Our own starry city is chock-full of sexy fellows who love to serenade. So, we put together a list of some choice cuties currently creating tunes and catching our eye.
Young The Giant
With a gig on Glee and a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, these guys are no strangers to getting glances their way. In addition to the bandmates' alternative sound, their sexy scruff, and laid-back looks, these cuties have ladies gravitating to their always-packed performances. Lead singer Sameer Gadhia's signature sound on songs like "Apartment" and "Cough Syrup" and floppy hairdo have us hanging on every note.

Photo: Via Facebook/Young The Giant


Lady Danville
The lads who call themselves Lady Danville are some seriously dapper dudes. The members create sweet harmonies and craft catchy indie-pop songs that are perfect summertime sounds. While singer and guitarist Daniel Chang has been known to hit the stage in sweet bow ties, drummer Matthew Frankel and keyboardist Michael Garner are more quintessential hipster hotties, complete with flannel shirts and tank tops (check out their vid "Better Side" to witness their too-cool-for-school wares).

Photo: Via Facebook/Lady Danville

Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover, drops dope rhymes on the regular. Impressive? Of course, but he also rocks ripped abs, which (if you're lucky) he will proudly display at his next concert. In addition, it doesn't hurt Glover's heartthrob status that he consistently makes us laugh out loud as the jocky Troy Barnes on Community. Check out his single, "Heartbeat," and we bet your pulse will be racing in no time!

Photo: Via Childish Gambino

White Arrows
Mickey Church, the front man of White Arrows, may have been born blind, but it's plain to see that he and his fellow bandmates are straight-up fine. The guys' fun, electro-pop rock has ladies lining up to dance at their live shows — and it doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes. Can't make it to one of their performances? Then peep "Get Gone," which is basically the next best thing.

Photo: Via Facebook/White Arrows

Milo Greene
This L.A.-based folk group makes some down-right beautiful music. Its dream-like harmonies are only heightened by the fact these dudes are legitimate dreamboats. We think the lone female member of the group, Marlana Sheetz, is one lucky lady to be sharing the stage with these soft-singing studs.

Photo: Via Facebook/Milo Greene

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