This Is Our Jam: Kwes., "Rollerblades"

Considering that it's 2012, the lyrics "come rollerblade with me" should probably be taken as tongue-in-cheek, or at least seen as a wink-y grab for nostalgia (especially when following talk of "back in '93"). When London-based producer Kwes. delivers them, though, they sound wonderfully sincere and a little naive — almost like an invitation to take the day off and go for a (st)roll.
While Kwes. has shown that he can use atmosphere and space as well as his buddies, The xx, "Rollerblades" may be the first time he puts them to use this playfully. It's a love story on wheels, and like all young romances, it lasts just long enough.
Kwes. — Rollerblades 7"
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