Fameball? Kris Humphries Lets Life & Style Shoot His Bachelor Pad

Part of us wishes that never again will we type the name Kardashian. But it's 2012, and that dream is a definite fantasy, because we just can't seem to lower our Kardashian fever. And Kris Humphries, the innocent-looking kid who got sucked up into wild world of Kim and Ko., was just along for the ride. Or was he?
The Nets player recently opened up his Minnesota home to C-list tabloid Life & Style by documenting the remodeling process, in which Humphries turns his flat into a "bachelor pad." Pictures show the tall cutie at home, at a woodshop, and, um, reclining on a bed with his initials on the freaking headboard. Eye rolls aside, the article goes to explain that this is a part of a show on the DIY Network (which apparently exists) called "Man Caves," and the whole revamp is an episode in the show. Not that "man caves" are a bad thing per se, but given the recent faux-marriage fiasco, opening your home and going through the bachelor-izing process on national TV feels like a very Kardashian-like move.
What do you think? Publicity stunt or genuine attempt to move on? Either way, the entire Kardashian world is making us kookoo, and we'd vacate ASAP if we ever entered a bachelor pad where a dude has his initials emblazoned on his bed.
Photo: Via Life & Style. For more photos inside Kris’ transformed bachelor pad, pick up the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

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