Kreayshawn And Grimes Get Creative For Blunt New Video

Sure, we may have our reservations about Kreayshawn’s latest single “Breakfast,” but we do have to hand it to the pint-sized rapper. If there’s one thing she’s mastered, it’s keeping us on our toes. And this time the Oakland native is stirring things up and collaborating with one of our fave indie songstresses Grimes (along with Tragik and Blood Diamonds) for a psychedelic-pop ditty titled, well, “Don’t Smoke My Blunt, B*tch.”
Who even knew Grimes and Kreay were buds? We’re not saying the new tune — which was recorded in less than ten minutes — is any better than "Breakfast," but it certainly brings more to the table. For instance, it offers a Jerry Garcia-inspired video and spastic, yet catchy sounds and is a fresh (and manic!) fusion of Kreay’s creative lyrics (“blah blah blah, I’m the man”) and Grimes trippy background beats.
We’re not going to lie — we’re still humming along! While we’re not completely certain how we feel about the track, we will say that we see a quirky pair in the making. What are your thoughts on the duet? Inquiring minds want to know.
Video: Via YouTube

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