Kreayshawn Whips Up A Colorful New Track And We're Actually Digging It!

You know, we’ll admit it, there have been times we weren’t exactly sure what to think of Oakland’s pint-sized rapping sensation Kreayshawn. We usually find ourselves befuddled after the ittty-bitty Bay Area babe releases a new song — stuck in a place somewhere in between “what the hell was that” and “I kinda-sorta don’t hate it.” But, we’re going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say that we actually dig what’s going on in her new track “Go Hard (La La La).”
Not only is the upbeat tempo semi-reminiscent of the artist’s earlier “Bumpin’ Bumpin’” and “Gucci Gucci” days, but the juvenile and angst-y lyrics (“go in the crib and steal your stepfather’s credit card”) are strangely catchy. The tune’s visuals are a mesh between Looney Tunes, an acid trip, a Kaws painting, and a gangster Katy Perry. And ... we like it. Also, does anyone else notice how glam Kreay is looking these days? Peep the vid and tell us your thoughts. We wanna know!
Video: Via VEVO

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