Turn Your Broken China Into Art

dishesPhoto: Courtesy of Humade.
Shattering a favorite dish can be heartbreaking. One minute, you're drying it; the next, it's in a million pieces across the kitchen floor. The good news? It can have a second life and go right back to delivering your daily avocado toast. And, the gorgeous porcelain-mending kits from Humade, which take broken plates to another, artistic level, can make it happen.
Based on the ancient Chinese technique of repairing pottery, the kintsugi method uses silver and gold leafing over lacquer to create new pieces from beloved items. The technique's origin is thought to date back to the 15th century, when an emperor demanded more aesthetically pleasing repair work. Soon after, people began intentionally smashing pottery to get the look themselves. Of course, we'd never go that far, but we do find the method a lovely alternative to the trash bin. So, if you've been buying paper plates in bulk, the Humade kintsugi kit means you can pull out the real china with no fear. (This Is Colossal)