Kinga's Feathered Beard, Angelina's Gucci Role, and Puppies at Mulberry

Grab hold of your feathered beards, ladies. Kinga Rajzak in the latest issue of The Room makes looking like a Grizzly Crow all sexy-like. Work it, Pops. (Fashion Copious)
Stella McCartney designs widdle jackets for GapKids and babyGap. Click through for some serous adorableness. (Frillr)
Banksy to be revealed! Maybe! Probably not! (Animal NY)
Angelina Jolie is slated to star in the new Ridley Scott film about the Gucci family. (Fashionologie)
Klingons, sea creatures, armadillos...but have you compared the Alexander McQueen spring collection to moths? (Trend de la Creme)
Squeee! Puppies at Mulberry! We're thisclose to ditching the whole fashion thing and becoming a dog site here at Refinery. (Nitrolicious)
"It's their 15 minutes of fame: pure, self-indulgent theatre. How many girls were there this year in horns or neck braces with bare breasts? It wouldn't matter if they didn't take it all so seriously, but the fashion world is a dangerous, superficial and fickle place." - Paul Smith. (The Cut)See more links.

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