Kim Gordon Talks Her Acid-Dropping S.F. Past, Closet Purging, & More

Over the weekend, Refinery29 S.F. co-hosted a major bash at Mercy Vintage in Oakland, where Sonic Youth frontwoman and all-around '90s icon Kim Gordon debuted her personal vintage collection, currently up for grabs in-store and over at Mercy's e-shop.
Of course, between nibbles from Camino and plenty of stylish-people-watching, we got in a minute with the woman of the hour to bring you the chat below, in which Gordon talks closet cleaning, her lack of tech know-how, and her wild acid-dropping S.F. past.
Why did you decide to do this partnership with Mercy Vintage?
"My good friend Elaine has a friend Rachel who is a manager at the store. She was visiting us and I just had this whole house full of clothes and things I need to get rid of. I know I'm not going to eBay anything. And Rachel said that they'd love to sell some things here. And that seemed more fun. I always resisted these kinds of things. But, in a way, since this is in the context of a vintage store, it seems more natural."
How often do you find yourself coming to San Francisco and Oakland?
"I've been here a lot over the years, although it's probably been a year or two. I can remember taking my daughter to Fairyland in Oakland. But I used to come here all the time as a teenager. It was weird, I used to come up here when I was 15, when I was an acid-dropping teen. For $10, you could take the Friday night flight from L.A. to San Francisco. I would stay with friends of my parents. And my friend's friend, a soda boy that I had a crush on, lived in this really ritzy part of town. I never saw his parents, only his sister. They had an apartment totally separate from their parents. And we used to ride around in their Bentley. I always thought I would live here after school, but it never happened."
San Francisco's obviously a tech hub. Are you a techie?
"I'm anti techie! Well, I would love to be a techie person, but it's like it repels off my body."
Anything else coming up for you that's super exciting?
"We have an art show opening in New York at 303 Gallery with Karen Kilimnik on September 7th. And I have an improv-song-based duo with a friend of mine, Bill Nice. It's called Body/Head. We're going to Europe for a couple of weeks for a tour. And I have an on-going collaboration with the French label Surface to Air. So, there's a very small collection coming out in fall and then more in spring."
Photo: Via Kim Gordon/Facebook

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