16 Movies From Your Childhood That Should Totally Be Remade

Designed by Anna Sudit.
Well, Hollywood did it — and by “it,” we mean turned the 1982 movie Annie into something more approachable in 2014. Great Depression orphans and munitions magnate Daddy Warbucks have been replaced with hopeful foster kids and Will Stacks, cell-phone mogul and New York City mayoral hopeful. Annie’s radio campaign to find her parents has been transformed into viral videos, and the new remake contains a powerful message about childhood literacy rates.
The reviews may not all be glowing, but at least the studio took a risk and revamped Annie’s story for the modern age. More importantly, gone are the racist overtones of the original, like Warbucks’ bodyguard Punjab.
The new Annie has us thinking about other childhood favorites that deserve to be dusted off and given another life. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or an entirely new take, these 16 classics deserve another day in the sun.

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