The Trash Can Just Got A High-Tech Upgrade (& Lazy Girls Will LOVE It)

Move over, Roomba — there's a new home gadget in town, and it's coming for your crumbs. In the last year we've seen an alarm clock that will make you a cup of coffee and a kitchen counter that'll give you a cooking class. Now, Bruno, the world's first smart trash can, is here to help you eliminate those elusive crumbs that never make it into the dustpan.

Just sweep debris into the front of the bin and it vanishes — no more wetting a paper towel to get that very last piece of lint. Even better, Bruno connects to an app to remind you when it's trash day and when you're running low on liners. (But, will it remind your roommate that it's her turn to take out the trash this week? Yes, just add her to the app.)

Retailing at a hefty $248, we don't see this robotic buddy landing in our own homes any time soon, but with Mother's Day approaching — and if your mom has been complaining of back pains — maybe it's just what the doctor ordered. Plus, if you back the Kickstarter in the next 27 days, you can scoop up Bruno for just $159. Next thing you know, there will be a refrigerator named Hector that will make you a salad.

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