5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 23 2012

RuPaul isn't the only one who could make racing such a drag: As part of the Key West independence celebration, these heeled contestants joined the fun in wigs, dresses, and full makeup. (NBC Miami)
This mama cat somehow had her kittens inside the walls of a Miami Beach residence. Luckily the babies are safe, and one of them is fittingly named "Wally." (Neatorama)
Oh dear. Cuban actors in New York promoting a film about fleeing from Cuba may have actually fled from Cuba. (Huffington Post)
Gabrielle Union, we always thought you to be such a lady! Apparently Dwayne Wade's lady can no longer sit courtside at Heat games due to...persistent heckling? (Miami New Times)
Everyone's favorite heavyweight rapper Rick Ross was pulled over by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission because, even on the open sea, his yacht smelled strongly, um, herbal. (Vulture)
Photo: Via NBC Miami

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