Ke$ha Rings In 2012 With A Dated ‘Do

Perpetual party animal Ke$ha took to Twitter to debut a brand new 'do to the world. "New year. New album. New hair. Get pumped," she tweeted. Yeaaaaaaah about that hair makeover: Cassie and Rihanna already did the whole shaved head, semi-mohawk thing back in 2009, so you're a little late to the party there, girl.
Maybe our expectations are a little too high, but when someone like Ke$ha gets a makeover, we expect a little more originality. This is a girl who thinks facial glitter and blue lipstick are a "low-key" look — couldn't she have gotten a little more out there with her hair? Sorry Ke$ha, but we're not impressed. Call us when you shave it all off and surgically implant a Muppet to your skull. Then we can talk.
But you tell us: What do you think of Ke$ha's new hairstyle?

Photo: Via Twitter