Is Ke$ha Channeling MGMT & Grimes In Her New Video? Yes, Yes She Is

Theory: Ke$ha is punking us all. Yes, she looks and acts like a pop star, and even writes pop songs, but in reality, she is just using this pop guise to have wild parties and eat cheese with James Van Der Beek. Which, to be honest, is 100% cool with us.
In her just-released video for her chart-rocketing single "Die Young", K-E-dollar-sign-H-A takes a page right out of MGMT, sending in hazy occult images and adding lots (and lots) of fringe. Apparently, the singer envisions herself the head of some sort of doomsday cult that manages to escape south of the border and into an abandoned shed/church/warehouse (it changes at random), where she plans on (according to the song) dying young through hedonism.
But, here is why she has one up on us: While her YouTube commenters are criticizing her for using illuminati imagery, Ke$ha just knows what is currently the cool alternative. The video, aside from the gyration, lipstick, and dance sequences, could totally belong to, say, Grimes or Yeasayer. That new-age mysticism, complete with evil eyes and pentagrams, are certainly having a moment in indie music (illuminati references aside). So, Ke$ha is channelling her anti-establishment, damn-the-man aesthetic, but in an easily digestible pop-cultural serving. Folks, she is walking the line between indie and mainstream, without us even knowing it!
That, or she just really likes neon.

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