This NoVa Ballerina's Style Is En Pointe

Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
It's rare to meet a twentysomething who has quiet confidence, grace, and style in spades. So, needless to say, when we met Keenan Kampa, we were shocked — and delighted. The NoVa native and professional ballerina has an incredible story: She's been dancing since she was four, winning medals and accolades galore, and in 2012, became the first American dancer to join the prestigious Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.
Her stunning good looks haven't gone unnoticed, either — she was the face of G-Star Raw's fall '13 campaign, and has done scores of editorial shoots. Add her killer, edgy-yet-classy personal style into the mix, and it's safe to say we've got a bona fide crush on Kampa. Keep reading to scope four outstanding outfits and get to know your new homegrown role model.
Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Describe your sense of style in a few words. Are there any looks or trends that you gravitate toward?

"I guess the way I like best to describe my style is clean and unexpected. As a ballet dancer, I really appreciate and look for lines and silhouettes, edges, and interesting cuts. Usually, the colors are dark and simple, but then the addition of the occasional out-of-character piece adds a bit of an irreverent dimension."

G-Star Raw leather jacket and blouse, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Madewell jeans, Marc Jacobs bag, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Kampa sports two watches — one with the time in St. Petersburg and another with the time back in the States.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Do you have any style icons?
"I've always loved Iris Apfel! She just exudes confidence, and I love her play on proportions."
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe right now?
"Oh, my sneaker collection! And, I guess my rose-gold Givenchy chain necklace (that everyone seems to hate!); my Pendleton Navajo blanket cape; a structured, blue leather jacket from Uterqüe; and, of course, my LeBron James jersey."
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
You mentioned that you change your hair color pretty often. What look are you planning next?
"Yes, I seem to have quite the track record with my hair! It's naturally ashy blond, so I've recently started to go back to that. But, I am itching to dye it completely white."

G-Star Raw jacket, Liu Jo tee.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
We love Kampa's feminine-masculine mix, especially this floaty maxi-skirt paired with rugged engineer boots.

Madewell skirt, Frye boots.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
What's your off-duty wardrobe like in St. Petersburg?
"I like to be comfortable, but it's also important to dress respectfully around the theater. It can be a difficult combination at times, especially when it's so cold outside!"
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Tell us a bit about your daily life in Russia. How often are you practicing and dancing?
"I wake up early every morning to stretch, make coffee, read, etc., for a few hours before heading to the theater around 10 a.m. Class starts at 11, and rehearsals begin directly after. Sometimes, rehearsals will last all day, and often there is a performance in the evening. I'll usually get back home after 11 p.m., eat something, talk with friends and my sisters back home over the computer, and — just like the shampoo bottle— rinse and repeat!"

Kampa scored her beautiful embellished belt during a trip to Santa Fe.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
When you're not in the dance studio, what are you up to?
"I spend a ton of time by myself. I walk and bike everywhere; it's my way of winding down and recharging my batteries. I also love to paint and draw. I'm completely in love with the Hermitage (the historic art museum in St. Petersburg). I can spend hours getting lost in there."

G-Star Raw jacket and jeans, Adidas tee, Converse sneakers.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Is there anything cooler than a fresh pair of crisp white kicks? Nope!
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
What was it like to join a Russian ballet company? What has been the biggest challenge so far?
"When I moved to Russia for the first time, it was an absolute shock. The entire experience was almost numbing. I'd never felt the agony and indescribable frustration of not being able to communicate with anyone. Everything I heard was a blur, and I think I pretty much kept my mouth shut the entire first year. Not to mention, the workload and discipline that came with the Russian ballet made it an even tougher adjustment.

"Once I began to pick up the language, and gathered the courage to try to speak it, things began to feel more familiar and I felt more acceptance. I also leaned to love and embrace the work, and really grew to love the Russian people and their culture. Every day is definitely a challenge, but that is what makes it interesting!"
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Are there any professional dreams or goals (beyond dancing with the Mariinsky) that you're hoping to accomplish?
"I'd love to eventually go into acting, and I'm working toward getting a degree in Sports Nutrition. I also just recently got involved with a group in Paris that works with children with special needs and genetic research, specifically dealing with Trisomy 21 [Down syndrome]. I'm hoping to continue my work with them and see how our relationship can grow. I think there is so much potential with dance therapy, it's very exciting!"
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Truth: We developed a full-on obsession with Kampa's structured Theyskens' Theory coat.

Zara shirt, G-Star Raw seans, Theyskens' Theory coat, Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
If you weren't a ballerina, what would be your dream job?
"As a child, I told myself that I wanted to be a decathlon athlete in the Olympics; the first female MLB player; a famous actress; a communicable-disease specialist/doctor; and a ballerina. Somehow, I convinced myself that all of those things were going to happen. Maybe I'll never make it to the World Series, but life is too short not to try to get a couple of those knocked off the list!"
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Photographed by Yvonne Rock.
Anything you're coveting or thinking of buying before you head back to Russia?
"Yeah, the entire Helmut Lang pre-fall 2014 collection!"

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