Kate Moss For Topshop's Spring 2010 Collection Is Super Sheer, Made From Shredded Muppets

It's been awhile since Kate Moss for Topshop has popped up on our radar, but her spring collection hitting stores on May 20 is something quite newsworthy. First of all, the clothes! From the Nick Knight-shot video, we can see that it includes a super-sheer mini-caftan, a super-sheer peasant blouse, a super-sheer octopus dress, and a shrug made out of what looks like the remains of shredded Fraggle Rock members. Secondly, the quality! With only two collections for Topshop a year, Kate's paring down and condensing all her creativity into clothing that's made with better (but not—apparently—more) fabrics. And finally, her butt! Watch Kate hike up her dress at the end of the clip and dance off with her hemline at half-mast. Check out product shots of the collection here. (The Cut)

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