Karl and Klum Continue Sparring, Hipster Presidents, and Ditto Loves Hugs

amlinks-0615It's a new week, and a new chance to look at the best and worst of this month's pictorials. (The Cut)
That's "Sir Vidal," to you, punk. (CNN)
The Klum vs.Karl war of words continues. (Sun UK)
"[Did I feel] that I was going to crush Karl when I give him a hug? 'No, not at all. Well, I did, but I don't care. I'm the only one there who looks like me. Everyone else just looks the same, so think about the joy of that."—Beth Ditto. (Grazia)
It's the most hipster presidents. What, coke-snortin', hard-drinkin', always-dancin' W doesn't get on the list? (HuffPo)
Somehow you put a group of girls together to sing, and it all goes downhill. (Jezebel)

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