5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 03 2010

Kanye West showed up unannounced at a New Yorkers for Children gift-wrapping event this week and spent a few hours hanging out with the kids. Kanye, you've officially redeemed yourself in our eyes. (NYPost)
According to the New York Public Library Archives, an East Village apartment went for $20 to $25 a month in 1909 (equivalent to about $600 today). Reading this hurts almost as much as handing over a $1400 rent check. (Gothamist)
Ok, so we haven't actually seen Black Swan yet, but we think it's safe to say that it's a major hit, style-wise. And the Rodarte sisters told WWD they're open to designing costumes for more films in the future! (Fashionologie)
The apartment next to Anderson Cooper's Greenwich Village abode caught on fire yesterday. If we lived there, we'd probably set the place on fire in hopes the silver fox would come over and put out our blaze. (Gawker)
Hugh Jackman was spotted carrying the most adorable French Bulldog puppy around the city. Well, now we know what we want for the holidays. (Jezebel)

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