Kane the Bully, Gaga the Non-Mama, and Christian Louboutin is an Ass Man

The Vogue Italia cover has been released, and it looks like someone discovered MySpace poses 5 years too late. (TFS)
Dazed Digital features artists Lucy and Bart's newest work. It's color-appropriate, and comfy, we guess. And you'd probably be the only person at the party wearing a foam suit, so there's that! (Dazed Digital)
Presenting the 7 Types of People That Shop at Thrift Stores. Are you a hipster, a grandma, a party-goer—or if you're all three, who are you and can we meet you? (Blackbook)
Label XOXO's 5th Ave store has stripping models showing how you put on and take off clothes. Thanks for the lesson, girls! (The Cut)
De facto cyber guardian of the mini-bloggers, Fake Karl, has taken it up with mini-blogger bully, Christopher Kane. (Fake Karl) For the original quote, see here. (Fashion Copious)
Something for the dudes! 10 men's items from H&M to pick up after work. (Stylecaster)
It's curious that Lady Gaga doesn't want babies considering her name alone makes her the patron saint of pre-verbal infants. (Elle)
Simon Doonan tackles the eternal holiday conundrum: Why do people hate gift guides so much? Also, why do Brooklyn dudes wear fancier mustaches than Edwardian gentry? (The Observer)
And here is a photo album of fancy people on fancier bikes. (Selectism)
Target for Manhattanites! Pick up Rodarte a whole week before the official launch day. (The Shophound)
"The women in Colombia are so sexy. I had no idea how much Colombia is driven by dancing. They are really into boobs, the ass, dancing." - Christian Louboutin, not shoe-man, not ankle-man, but ass-man. Who knew!? (Style.com)

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