Are You Prepping Your Kale Wrong?

kale_embedPhotographed by Janelle Jones.
It comes as chips, in shakes, and atop appetizers. Kale is almost impossible not to spot on a restaurant menu these days. But, when it comes to serving it out of our own kitchens, the guidelines of prepping it aren't so clear. Read: It's slightly more involved than giving the leaves a wash and chop.
Bon Appétit cleared up all of our misguidedness with a list of six ways you should be treating the vitamin-packed vittles. Turns out, we should always use dressings with plenty of acid, like lemon juice or vinegar (or both), which help break down the tough fibers in the vegetable. So, reach for a miso or shallot vinaigrette instead of that ranch. And, just like meat, kale needs a little massaging to loosen up. Pressing with lemon juice and salt or squeezing will break down cell walls and make it more tender. Click over to Bon Appétit for the full list of dos and don'ts before you tossing your next super-food salad.

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