60 Seconds With Justice

Over the weekend Vice and Intel took over DUMBO with their collaborative multimedia extravaganza, The Creators Project. The two-day event marked the most ambitious Creators Project ever, and featured a combination of musical performances, film screenings, and art installations from around the world. Among the musicians who played the sprawling post-industrial landscape underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges were French electro duo Justice. We caught up with Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé just before their DJ set to talk leather jackets, the soon-to-be-released Audio, Video, Disco (out 10/25), and the (very) generous appreciation shown by their fans.
Gaspard, where did you get your leather jacket?
Gaspard Augé: "I have maybe ten different versions of the same jacket. For ten years I couldn’t find a jacket that fit me. But there’s a shop in Paris, and every time I go there I find the same jacket in a different color, and it fits me, so I have to buy it."
How does your audience change when you play different cities around the world. Is new New York much different from Paris?
Xavier de Rosnay: "I don’t know, because it's been a long time. We haven’t toured, so maybe things are different now, but when we were touring but it was pretty much the same everywhere."
How do you think the new music will translate to a live show?
Xavier de Rosnay: "We are working on it right now. We’ll see."

You made your last record with very simple tools — was your process similar with this album?
Xavier de Rosnay: Yeah kind of. Normally we have a really minimal setup in our studio. The new album was written the same way that the first album was written, which was a very conventional way — a simple way of writing it on piano and guitars. Then we would just record them and produce them for the songs. We used less Garage Band this time — we didn’t use it at all, actually."

Listening to the new record I hear a lot of power pop and arena rock. Some of the tracks sound almost like Thin Lizzy. What were you guys listening to while you recorded Audio, Video, Disco?
Xavier de Rosnay: "We were listening to the same things as before. We like millions of different things, but there’s not one thing that we like more than the others. You hear Thin Lizzy — I think you are first person to mention Thin Lizzy — and I guess everybody hears something different in the record. And this is what’s great about music. I can tell you that this is influenced by this, or that or, whatever. But in the end, listening to the record is such a personal experience. It’s cool that you hear Thin Lizzy and someone else will hear something else."
What’s the biggest show of affection you’ve ever seen from a fan?
Xavier de Rosnay: "A blowjob."

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