Weekend Events: June 6th to June 8th

Known for their frenzied live shows, Holy Fuck serve up pounding electric beats without any of that preprogrammed laptop nonsense. Holy Fuck at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. (June 6th)
Tonight and tomorrow, the IFC center presents the Academy-Award-Winning®, international-box-office-record breaking, sci-fi epic that changed modern filmmaking and made a Sean Connery a household name: Zardoz. What? You've never heard of Zardoz? Zardoz at the IFC. (June 6th and 7th)

Governor's Island seems to be the classiest area of New York this summer—first hosting a polo tournament, and now this lovely event, which involves Charleston dance lessons, vintage shopping, croquet, and a DJ spinning old '78 records on a phonograph. A Jazz Age lawn party on Governors Island, with music by the Dreamland Orchestra. (June 7th and 8th)
This interactive exhibition at the Battery Maritime Building features a piano whose keys are connected to (and make music with) different parts of an old ferry terminal, was conceptualized by David Byrne—everyone's favorite Talking Head. Playing the Building, an installation by David Byrne, at the Battery Maritime Building. (Ongoing)
New York Collective Dexter Sinister, eccentrics of the graphic design world, bring together their friends to read stories at their Just-In-Time Workshop and Occasional Bookstore on Ludlow Street. New York design collective Dexter Sinister hosts a a double book launch and an upstairs downstairs party. (June 8th)

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