Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Jul 09 2010

1. Hot Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Heat—When it's hot, hair can feel suffocating. Fix that with our summer styling tips.
2. 10 Fashionistas We Wish Were on Twitter—If spending an hour or so a day trolling Twitter is part of your job, you start to pine for some fresh faces. These are the people we want.
3. The Biggest, Baddest Summer Sales Online—The curse of writing about sales? Stuff sells out before we can crack open our wallets.
4. Five Fashion Bloggers To Watch—These are just a few of our faves, and we're loving seeing all the interesting reader-submitted blogs.
5. What To Wear To A Corporate Interview—Job interview on Monday? Make your weekend shopping count with tips from our roundup.
6. The New Age Of Birthstone Jewels—Flaunt this jewelry like it's your birthday.
7.DIY Tie-Dye Your Own Suno-Style Prints—What can be better than a crafty project to fill your weekend? If said project results in something actually beautiful!
8. Perfect Outfit: 5 Hot Picks For A Cool Cocktail Party—Garden parties and long-summer nights are perfect for floral frippery.
9. A Teen Vogue Editor Snazzes Up Your Camera Strap!—You lug your camera everywhere anyway, so why not make it your most chic accessory?
10. 16 Chic Crochet Clothes And Accessories—Feel the breeze through these crochet goodies.

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