DIY Tie-Dye Your Own Suno-Style Prints

We love Suno's chic indigo tie-dyed halter dress, but who knew the iconic pattern is easy to recreate on your own? Luckily, the ladies over at Honestly... WTF dyed over the dress as well and through some research and a little indigo cookery, they created a DIY tutorial to teach us all how to do some classic Shibori tie-dying. Shibori is the Japanese craft for methods of dying cloth using bindings, stitching, folding, and twisting—the 8th century ancestor to summer camp rubber-band tie dye. The girls tried out three styles of dying: Arashi, which means involves the fabric around a cylinder, Kumo, that creates a bubble-like effect using stones or other small objects, and the Itajime technique that sandwiches fabric between two pieces of wood. The result? The perfect summertime activity. Check out their site to see how to do it for yourself. (Honestly WTF)
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