This Is Our Jam: Julia Holter, "Moni Mon Ami"

Julia Holter’s new video for “Moni Mon Ami” may feature vintage style and francophonic singing, but don’t get it confused with last week’s season premiere of Mad Men . Gracefully directed by Yelena Zhelezov, “Moni Mon Ami” pairs one of Ekstasis’ many highlights with an eerie inner dialogue between Holter and her subconscious. Like much of the album’s crystalline pop, the song unfolds with beautiful, origami-like care. Yet, for an artist that may seem to exist in her own far-off fairy kingdom, it’s nice seeing Holter at just another day in the office. (Your day job involves cryptic messages and multiple fishbowls too, right?)
Julia Holter—Ekstasis
"SOMoni Mon AmiG"
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