5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 17 2012

Fans of brightly colored jeans and super cool skinnies will be excited when a familiar denim name makes its home in Miami. Hopefully they'll bring some of their edgy, amazing ads with them. (Ocean Drive)
Oh no they di'int! Apparently Tampa wants to take us on the battle of the best Cuban sandwich. The nerve! (NBC Miami)
Feeling the Tax Day pinch? This epic deal round-up by Eater will show you how to ease the suffering of today's tax deadline. (Eater)
If you can't afford a yacht, try a canoe down the South Miami canals. It's kind of the same thing, right? (Under The Sun)
It's never too soon to think about tu madre and her special day coming up, so check out these cheeky/sweet cards perfect for the Spanglish-speaking mama in all of us. (Miami Nice)
Photo: Via Joe's Jeans

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